It’s seems the hype and possibly COVID-19 production delays over the Pixel 4a are causing some issues, with some users getting an email from Google advising their Pixel 4a deliveries are delayed.

The email, which is being sent out to some users, states that “The Shipping team has confirmed that your order has been stalled due to high volume of ordered Pixel 4a’s.”

So what could be the possile delay in deliveries? Well we’re only speculating here, but it could be that the device is more popular than Google anticipated but more than likely could be a result of COVID-19 related social distancing along with delivery processing and shipping delays.

It’s unclear how big the shipping delays are but it would seem it could be bigger than anticipated by Google and its delivery partners.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Pixel 4a, it might be worth keeping an eye out of this email and we will reach out to Google Australia for more information, so stay tuned for possible further updates.

Thanks Dan for the tip. If you have any tips, please feel free to reach out to us via our tip us page.

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I got mine on the 10th after being told if it wouldn’t arrive till the 17th. Direct from Google. Upgraded it to Android 11 straight away and it’s brilliant


Mine arrived today.

Scott Plowman

initial thoughts on it?


I am moving from a 2yo+ Pixel 1 to the 4a. Very similar in size. I like the extended screen and the hole punch doesn’t worry me. I will miss the metal body when I inevitably drop the device. Battery life seems better but the old phone was a bit shagged. Price was right and the extra storage is handy. Not fussed about the camera as I use high-end DSLRs when I need to shoot with purpose. This is my fourth Google phone. I like them.


Looks like the supplied charger is faulty. My old Pixel charger works with it.

Anil Panyam

It is out of stock on google store and other retailers are only taking pre-order. I doubt it will ever be in stock.


I got an email 2 days ago from JB Hi-Fi: Thanks for pre-ordering “GOOGLE PIXEL 4A JUST BLACK 128GB” through JB Hi-Fi Online. The suppliers have contacted us in regards to this item and unfortunately, due to the extremely high demand, they have advised that there will be a delay in receiving stock to fulfil your pre-order. As your order falls within our second shipment, we are expecting stock to arrive September 16th, 2020 and will dispatch your order as a matter of priority once it has been received. We understand that this sort of thing is extremely frustrating and… Read more »

Paul Smedley

I just got a message from Harvey Norman saying mine is ready to be picked up


Got mine today from Officeworks~

Nathan Fulcher

Officeworks let me pick mine up on Sept 9th, technically 1 day before official release date in Australia.


Got mine this morning, earlier then expected as I was told the 15th Sep originally..


Within moments of starting to read this article my pixel 4a was delivered.


Mine arrived an hour ago, safely intact


Friend of mine in Perth got his today. Sent the rest of us a pic of the delivery, can’t wait!