Every new phone release results in rumours before and after about the specs and availability at various retailers. It’s the latter that we’ve received a tip on from an inside source suggesting that Telstra will be stocking the Pixel 4a.

The communication we received says:

Our corporate Order Express portal that orgs can complete device purchases directly with Telstra lists the device (but no stock as yet).

At this stage it is unclear just when the Pixel 4a will be available from Telstra given the stock shortage levels of it worldwide. One only needs to check out the JB Hi-Fi website to be reminded of that.

Reviews of the Pixel 4a show that the device continued the “a” series focus on value. It stands to reason that Telstra would pick up at least one of the Pixel phones this year, after all they’ve been selling the Pixel 4 XL and before that the 3. We are surprised though that they are not skipping the 4a and opting for the 4a 5G instead — unless of course they end up opting for both.

Would a payment plan on the Pixel 4a be the final piece of the puzzle for you to buy one, or are you looking for something else?

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Robert C


The 5g version of the 4a looks to be a completely different phone, a bigger screen and battery and different cpu and extra camera lens likely $A250-300 more expensive

See here: https://9to5google.com/2020/08/22/pixel-5-4a-5g-leak/

Al Crystal

Just ordered it from Telstra. Went with the outright purchase over 24 months. No plan change.

Jamie S

Hey Phil, I’m interested in the new pixel phones but there’s no way I’m paying $55 minimum for a Telstra plan without 5G. I’ll still with my JB Hi-fi legacy plan and buy one of the new Pixels outright