Based on a series of leaks, there are renders (NB. not necessarily official) appearing of Samsung’s upcoming devices. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are both on the horizon with expected launches in Q3 of this year.

Let’s start with the Galaxy Z Fold 3:

There are a few points of note on this one from the renders and leaks worth mentioning. This covers the S-Pen, 120Hz screen and what looks to be a better folding mechanism with larger outward-facing screen size.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Now, onto the Galaxy Z Flip 3:

There are a lot of rumours and leaks around this as well, one thing (having reviewed the original Z Flip) that excites me is the external screen is larger. Instead of simply having the capacity to know what app you’ve got a notification from, you’ll be able to see it clearly and perhaps, action it.

Based on the rumours to date, the Z Flip 3 will see updates and upgrades in almost all areas. While the original and second-generation weren’t bad phones, they didn’t quite tick the boxes for the coin you’d have to part with to get one. Like many phones over the last couple of years, it seems we probably won’t have any surprises when they do drop. But if the phones are a leap forward in form and function, will we care about the spoilers?