Aussie Broadband has overhauled their SIM only mobile plans with their new provider Optus. The result of this is a great outcome for consumers with — what looks like — full access to the Optus network. Not only are customers getting full access, but the pricing is pretty sharp for decent data too.

The service has no sign up fee and the typical unlimited calls and text to phones within Australia. Where Aussie Broadband plans bring themselves forward, is the low cost of entry to having 5G accessible. There are 4G only plans if you don’t want or need 5G, which will get you more data for fewer dollars:

5G Data Plans

  • 10GB – $39 per month
  • 50GB – $49 per month
  • 80GB – $69 per month

If you’re keen on a bit more data for your dollars or aren’t in 5G coverage, then the 4G plans range between $15 per month with 2GB of data through to $69 per month for 100GB of data.

It’s great to see more competition in the 5G space with pricing that may force the hand of the big three. Time will tell if this pays off for consumers across the board, or just those prepared to jump ship over to Aussie Broadband’s mobile offering.

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Hmmm, aren’t they just the same prices as optus sim only plans?


Yes, but Aussie Broadband’s customer service is one of the major points of difference.