The rumours continue to mount about the foldable Google Pixel device including the Tensor chip inclusion and other specs. We’re now somewhat confident it will be called the Pixel Notepad and, thanks to 9to5Google we believe we know the pricing.

The rumoured pricing is around the US$1,399 mark which makes the Pixel Notepad significantly cheaper than the Z Fold 3. The rumoured pricing seems a very smart move, placing the Pixel Notepad in a cheaper price bracket similarly to how the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been positioned.

Given the successful delivery of the Pixel 6 devices at a very reasonable price, it’s fair to expect that Google can do the same with a foldable phone. The question will be though, whether as their first attempt Google can deliver a folding phone users will want.

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Foldables are still not for the average Joe. Who wants a phone where the screen/protector can be marked or scratched with a fingernail… Seriously… Maybe in a few years where actual foldable glass is a thing and works.


$2000+ and using the old Pixel 3 sensor? You can get two Pixel 6’s for that much money.