It’s been 15 months since Google launched its Chromecast with Google TV back in October 2020 and now there are rumours going around that the company has an Android-powered device in the works codenamed Boreal.

According to sources and documentation seen by 9to5Google, Boreal is directly connected to the same Google TV Chromecast software for Android that powers the current Chromecast with Google TV dongle.

Whilst the leak doesn’t mention specifications of Boreal, it is believed that newer processing power with broader video support might be included and this might also give Google the opportunity if they are working on a new Chromecast with Google TV to address common complaints with the current dongle, such as the modest to very minimal onboard storage.

There are additional questions mainly relating to whether this could be a replacement to the current Chromecast with Google TV or a higher-powered separate model. Whilst Google doesn’t normally confirm rumours outright, well immediately, we will have to wait and see if the company is indeed working on a new device or separate device altogether. Though like any rumour, best to take this with a grain of salt.

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    I hope they change the remote. I hate the remote on mine, it’s too slippery and awkward.


    They said it’ll be a “HD” (replacing 3rd gen) and the CCwGTV will remain as “4K”.


    lol! Not sure there’s any news here. Of course they are working on a new one, do you think they’ve abandoned Chromecast? And of course it’ll be improved over the current one, that’s exactly why you release a new version.

    Phill Edwards

    Let’s hope the new device has more internal storage.