It’s the world we live in these days, misinformation is rife about multiple subjects — particularly COVID-19, 5G and any correlation between the two. Covering everything from plant life and bird deaths to health risks from radiation that has less penetrating power than current networks Telstra have tried to clear some things up for everyone:

While the videos are satirical by nature, they do raise the point of how absurd some of these theories are. To get the facts, check out the Telstra 5G facts site. There will, of course, be arguments that Telstra is biased towards the technology, but there are plenty of other reputable sources of information, for example, Australia’s most entertaining scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (1,2,3).

Will you be moving to 5G when you next update your device, or will you be waiting for further network improvements? Will you pay the premium price required to move to the 5G network?

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I have just purchased the note 20 Ultra 5g and will be upping my mobile plan to the $65/month with Telstra to get access to 5g.

I love playing with new technology and look forward to see how far I can push 5g.

The coverage maps show that where I work and live I get 5g, so that’s pretty sweet.


It’s not the power levels is the frequency it operates on which has me worried why put it on a atmospheric frequency u got plenty other ones.

Dallas Grant

I’m with AdamM, no use investing in anything 5G unless you live next to a tower, elon’s thing will be available to me before 5G, they hype is too great for a technology that isn’t refined enough for public consumption.


There’s no way I’m giving Telstra $65 a month minimum for 5G access. I’m currently on Boost $150/80GB a year [$12.50 a month] which suits me perfectly. I doubt we’ll be seeing 5G on MVNO’s or even someone like Boost who’s on Telstra Direct anytime soon. Vodafone is giving it away on current postpaid and prepaid plans, but overage is not as extensive as Telstra at least for the time being. Handsets are also a hit and miss with band support with a lot not even supporting n5 850 out of the box which Telstra is also using next to… Read more »

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Can’t wait for 5G. Faster internet, more tech gadgets, however, more loopy conspirists coming down from the hills unfortunately though.


I thought it was a bit weird to see a major telco moving 5g Coronavirus conspiracy theories into the mainstream. It’s basically pandering to a very small minority of idiots who believe it at the expense of the majority who look at this advert with bewilderment. In some sense I see it as talking condescendingly to the mildly mentally retarded in an attempt to be funny. Quite distasteful really.


I won’t be bothering with 5G for my next device. Mostly because I don’t live in a capital city so the chances of seeing any 5G coverage near me in the 2-3 year lifespan of my next handset is minimal. Especially in the places I go on a regular basis.