We have very good 4G networks in Australia, but now we have mmWave networks it’s time to unleash 5G. Telstra’s 5G lead and head of Technology Discovery, Paul Milford ran a real-world 5G test and clocked a whopping 3.6Gbps throughput at the company’s new mmWave site in Sydney.

The reality for most users at this point, however, is that 5G speeds won’t come close to this for a number of reasons. Primarily the mmWave technology is capable of shifting data at a speed a factor of ten times faster than other 5G bands.

Added to this is the relatively low “penetrating power” and coverage distance of the shorter wavelength. This means that it’s not suited to wide coverage as 4G is, but small areas of high-density customer need like major sporting stadiums and shopping centres.

Telstra is continuing to work on their mmWave rollout with over 65 sites already live and an expectation to nearly triple that by the end of 2021. Sadly for me, that doesn’t include any sites near me in SA but Fortitude Vally in Brisbane, Darling Harbour and the Opera House in Sydney as well as the MCG and Flinders Lane in Melbourne are live.

There will be plenty more to come from the 5G network expansions throughout Australia from all carriers. The competition will undoubtedly remain tight and the winners will be the consumers.

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Daniel Narbett

That’s a very shiny speed. Hmm I live quite near the MCG so I might go hunting this mmwave site you mention, I’ll let you guys know what speeds I clock! (S20 Ultra on Telstra so I think I’ve got the right tech)

Daniel Narbett

Edit: reading up, the S20 Ultra maybe doesn’t have the right spectrums


The Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn’t support mmWave…


I would like to see Telstra give 5G back to their prepaid customers. The ones who had it before they took it away!

Andrew Priest

This is nice I am sure for some, but I would be happy if Boost get 5G. Please Telstra.

Daniel Narbett

Double plus yes!


they should give these speeds to customers who signed up for 5G home broadband with optus , vodafone and telstra

all the home broadband 5G plans in australia dont have mmwave and just sub 6ghz 5G by using the nokia 5G modem

they should upgrade these plans to 5G mmwave instead slow 5G

another thing the 5G mmwave still a failure on upload speeds

5G mmwave cannot hit 1000mbps upload yet , optus just achieved 300mbps upload

the whole thing is a joke

we need the nbn fibre back

its the only way to get future proof fast internet


They are…


Read the “Boosting 5G Home internet with mmWave” part of the article.