After months of testing, Telstra has unveiled its 5G Home and Business Internet products which promise ridiculously fast internet speeds for eligible premises within the Telstra 5G coverage footprint.

What does ridiculously fast mean for you (and Telstra) in this case? Well, they mean it, with the average typical download speed of 378Mbps during the busy 7pm – 11pm period (typical evening speeds can range between 50Mbps – 600Mbps). That’s faster than most NBN connections.

What can you do with a 5G internet connection at home?

5G Home Internet will allow most households to stream a 4K movie, jump into a video call for work and download a new game for your Xbox at the same time. This is particularly useful if your existing broadband is not delivering the performance you need.

5G Business Internet will allow small business customers to have multiple staff working at the same time and give them access to the speeds they need to be competitive and responsive to their customer needs.

To keep things simple, Telstra’s 5G Internet plans are pretty simple – there’s just one plan!

Telstra’s 5G Home & Business Internet plan offers 1TB (1000GB) of data, enough for over 330 hours of HD Netflix streaming, and it’s just $85 a month. Better yet, the first month is free, and there are no lock-in contracts or exit fees, just return your modem to Telstra if you don’t like it, and that’s it.


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Telstra 5G Business Internet may not be in your area or you may not be eligible for this service……5G is in my area, they are just being picky with the market….grrrr


This would be worth moving to, if I could manage it. Currently on 2 yr contract to pay for a Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M2 4G mobile broadband modem router.
Moving up to 1Tb a month from the 400Gb a month I’m on with Data Plan Large, would be nice, but it’s not as pressing an issue as raw speed for internet access, provided it’s solid stable speed.


Good deal. My problem is I have horrible mobile coverage, even on Telstra 4/5G so I am relying on NBN right now for VoIP/WiFi calls.