In a field that continues to grow, Swann are a mainstay with a well earned place. Their camera range has been well received with great features to complement competitive pricing. Now they bring three new additions to let you complete the full set of home security and surveillance.

SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell: $199.95

Slotting into the market neatly at the more budget friendly end is the SwannBuddy Video Doorbell. It offers a stepping stone, or a starting point for your home security setup and includes a great feature set including:

  • Wireless connectivity with long battery life
  • 180 degree Full HD with Vertical View so you can see packages and your visitors
  • Swann’s True Detect (Heat & Motion-Sensing) ensuring false notifications are near non-existent
  • Clear Night vision
  • Mobile alerts and a chime for notifications in your home
  • Two way communication with guests at your door

So there’s plenty to offer for a budget friendly price, but there’s more to the release that can really make your system complete.

Sensors and Siren

There are areas of your home where it may not be necessary to have a camera, but notifications of motion or open doors and windows may be useful. The new line of sensors covers all of these needs and capacity to send notifications through to your Swann App.

The sensor range includes a water leak sensor for installation in wet areas, potentially reducing or avoiding significant water damage in the event of leaks.

If you’ve got swing windows, you’ve probably gone out and left them open without meaning to. Having a window and door sensor in place will provide you notifications based on a number of criteria you can set. The same sensor can be set up to cover doorways to ensure they’re closed when they need to be and send notifications to your device about the sensor status.

The sensor range is a low cost option to enter the home security ecosystem and — unlike many competitors — doesn’t require a hub with simple Wi-Fi connection.

Capping off the system, there’s also an Indoor Siren which can be setup to ward off would-be intruders. The siren has multiple alert sounds, flashing lights and volume options.

The Swann Alert Sensors are available for purchase on

  • Window and Door Alert Sensor – AU$44.95
  • Motion Alert Sensor – AU$49.95
  • Water Leak Sensor – AU$49.95
  • Indoor Siren – AU$79.95

Regardless of which and how many items you’ve got in your system, you’ll need the Swann Security app to access them. They can be remotely armed, and disarmed The app provides instant access to your hardware, push notifications and an easy pathway to adding extra gear.

Swann Security
Swann Security
Price: Free

In the continued growth of the smart home industry, it’s easy to create your own fragmented system and end up with a lot of subscriptions. So a full suite of hardware from a known manufacturer like Swann could be a very enticing option for many potential buyers.