Over a month after the HTC One A9 started receiving its Nougat update, the rebranded HTC One A9, otherwise known as the Telstra Signature Premium is also receiving its Nougat update.

The HTC One A9 was rebranded by Telstra as part of their ‘Signature’ range of phones, which also includes the Telstra Signature Enhanced – which is a rebranded LG X Screen. The range launched last year and has been seemingly quite popular amongst Telstra customers, and could get more popular with this timely update to the software.

Ausdroid reader Jamie sent us in a screenshot of his Telstra Signature Premium update screen which shows the 1.07GB update is now ready for download.


According to the Telstra Software update page, the Nougat update has apparently been waiting for deployment since the 3rd of March and has now started rolling out.

Whichever way it comes, we’re pretty happy to see this update. An update to Nougat for the LG Telstra Signature Enhanced however may not be so forthcoming with Telstra’s update page simply listing a bugfix for Marshmallow in testing for the handset. We can still live in hope.

Thanks: Jamie.