It’s something that Google have probably lost patience with their user base asking for, now it appears that wishlists are starting to appear in Play Store updates around the globe. At the time of issuing this post, there’s no reports of this inside Australia, which makes me fear that this may become another Google Music fiasco.

Like most electronic wishlists, when you find something you want but don’t want to buy it right now, you can tag or bookmark it into your wishlist that you can refer back to later. There’s scarce little information floating around the web right now about the function but all reports suggest that

  • It’s only for your reference right now
  • No (obvious) way to send it to anyone

The good news if we ever see this in Australia is that you can not only tag apps, but books, music, magazines, movies and TV – Anything you can buy in the Play Store you can add to your wishlist.

Now to keep our fingers crossed for a quick delivery into Australia!

Our very own writer James has received the Play Store update that include wishlist, once more functionality is available we’ll get him to write up a post

**UPDATE 2**
Looks like you need to have version 3.9.16 of the Play Store. To check which version you have open the Play store and go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom it should tell you there. Once you confirm you have the correct Play Store version go to an app you don’t have and you will then see a bookmark link in the top, press that and it will save that to your wishlist, you can then select the menu button and you should have an option to open your wishlist :

Source: Android Central.
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    Phil Tann

    Anyone looking for it to “magically” appear, try restarting your device as this will force the Google Play app and service to restart. That worked on 3 of my devices.


    I got it on my SG notes, not even aware of when the update occurred


    how do you update Google Play? Mine is version 3.8.17

    Daryl Hall

    I’ve updated to 3.9.16 on my One XL running ICS and don’t have wishlist option but on my Transformer Prime running JB I have the bookmark/wishlist option, maybe it only works on JB,


    i have 3.9.16 on my galaxy note but this feature isn’t present


    I have 3.9.16 version for google play and I don’t have that bookmark symbol appearing on my gs3…it just shows the search icon and share icon…no bookmark.


    Also have this =]


    I’ve got it on 4.1.2 (CM10-M2)


    Play Store 3.9.16 just arrived on my Nexus S in Sydney. Not on my Nexus 7 just yet…


    They really have to work out a better way to roll out those play updates. I always have them nicely announced by the crashing of “android.vending” and “Google Play Store”.

    I’m happiest with the ability to remove old apps from “My Apps” list.

    Phil Tann

    I’ve got 6 devices in arms reach right now and not 1 of them has it… RIPPED OFF GOOGLE!

    Geoff Fieldew

    Have you got 3.9.16 on any of them Phil?

    Geoff Fieldew

    I’ve got it too. Useful for a reminder I think.


    I think i was one of those who requested this.
    The request was centred around the ole Desire puny internal storage, i would have to juggle what was installed. When i saw a new app i wanted to try i couldn’t always download it,so i wanted a nice way within the ‘market’ to track these.
    To late for that… but great to see none the less.


    Galaxy Nexus, 4.1.1 unlocked bought direct from Google running stock has it show up (Telstra).

    Damon Smith

    Appearing on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7