When it comes to the world of sports simulation games, Electronic Arts is usually the first name to come to mind. With a rich history of titles across PC and console gaming, they’re also making quite a big splash on the mobile gaming scene too. Their latest offering Real Racing 3 looks to be right on track to further their reputation on mobile.

While the original announcement for Real Racing 3 was way back in August 2012, EA has now released a developer diary video featuring Rob Murray from Firemonkeys Studio, an Australian company based in Melbourne to show what the game will actually look like. The video shows of some amazing graphics and the best part of all -REAL LIFE tracks! Tracks that actually exist! Some of the tracks teased are a Melbourne street track and most excitingly for V8 Supercar fans : Mount Panorama as well as the Indianapolis Motor speedway. But wait, there’s more! But we don’t know what they are yet.

EA will be bringing the same type of detail and top grade graphics that we know so well from their PC and console games and with this type of quality being pushed out to mobile gaming, all we can hope is that we see more of this type of top-tier gaming, from EA and other game makers. Here’s a short flick of the workings of the new game.

This video is one of many that we can expect to see coming from EA over the next few weeks, leading up to the official release. We should see it arrive in February, according to Kotaku. This looks like one for racing fans. I know a couple of lads in this household that will be chomping at the bit to get their device loaded with RR3. What about you? Up for some epic racing?

Source: Android Community.
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    So it isn’t the real Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. They have made up their own.. Sure, why not.

    Sean Royce


    Greg McPherson

    Needs some Melbourne Suburban Hoon tracks.
    The winding roads of outer suburb estates, where the Commodores do their burnouts.

    Nathan Elcoate

    Awesome. just awesome.