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If you haven’t heard about the Humble Bundle before, it’s basically a package of games that are sold online and without DRM, for whatever price you want to pay. Your money is divided between the Bundle’s distributors, the game developers, and a couple of charities in proportions that you decide when you buy it. It’s a pretty neat idea that gives developers some exposure, gives users a bunch of games for cheap, and lets us feel good about ourselves for donating to charity.

Traditionally, the Humble Bundles have been aimed at Windows PCs, but will often include Android versions of the games as well, but today’s Bundle is solely for Android devices – it’s even being called the ‘Humble Mobile Bundle’ to stress the fact. It includes four games – Gunslinger, Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea and the wildly popular Plants vs Zombies; plus as a bonus to anyone who pays over the average price (which is $5.54 at the time of writing), you get Metal Slug 3 and The Room (sadly, not the Tommy Wiseau masterpiece).

I’ve picked up quite a few of these in the past, and there’s always some great fun to be had. For less than $6, you can have six new games and donate to some worthwhile causes.

Source: Humble Bundle.
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    Justifiably necessary disclaimer : “sadly, not the Tommy Wiseau masterpiece”. My heart did skip a beat when ‘The Room’ was mentioned – somebody needs to make this game happen!

    James Finnigan

    Oh dude, you haven’t seen this?

    You’re welcome 🙂