For developers who are harnessing the power of Google+ Beta groups, Google have added an extremely useful new feature: Changelogs for each version of the App that the developer has. In previous versions, the changelogs for Beta versions were generally posted in private Beta testing groups as the changes made would publish to the production version of the app that’s available in the play store for all to see.

The blog post on Play Support states:

Keep your users informed about recent changes and updates to your app by providing What’s New text for each app version you distribute.

Which speaks volumes for the uptake of Alpha and Beta groups in Google Play and the strength of the Android OS.

This news will not affect all users, but for those in Beta groups it’s very welcome news. What Beta testing have you done on Android?

Source: Play Support.
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    Great. I get really shitted off having to update beta apps 4 or 5 times a week and having no idea what the hell is going on. I know I could probably go to the group but that’s really far too much effort. I mainly join beta groups to get unreleased features rather than to participate in testing..


    Good, I’ve been wanting this for ages ever since joining the Facebook Beta.


    Helping ID bugs to crush in the Ausdroid app, by providing written descriptions and when I could get them pics, posting the info in the Ausdroid beta G+ community.