Animated GIFs are an amazing way to answer a question or comment with a reaction or just share some cute kittens (puppies if that’s your fancy) and overnight Twitter has switched on the feature on, as well as in their Android and iOS apps.

The GIFs show up as similar to a Vine, with no auto-play switched on, simply clicking the animated GIF below the tweet, allows the gif to run through in all its glory.

There’s a surprising amount of information you can communicate with a GIF embedded in a reply, so let’s see your favourite GIFs in the comments.

Developer: X Corp.
Price: Free
Source: Twitter Support.
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    Forest Lake

    animated gif’s are the worst way ! look at G+ with all it’s crap flashing all over the place… the stream looks like cheap 80s advertising and not good as it induces headaches… i mute everything that flashes in my stream! if i wanted to see a movie play i would play it, and that “auto awesome” is a cheap gimmick ! No wonder Twitter are bringing it in, they have nothing else going for them