The intuitive 3rd party launcher, Aviate  has now exited beta and  had a rename.  It was in beta for quite some time, and while in the testing stages was bought by Yahoo,  it has now been renamed to Yahoo Aviate in order to reflect the acquisition.  That isn’t the only thing new to the launcher, the UI has been revamped.

Aviate is essentially Google Now in a launcher. Its UI is similar (as it was made by ex-Googlers) and it’s key selling point  is that is intuitive, as it changes throughout the day based on location, time of day and what you are doing, for example if headphones are plugged  it’ll display music.

Aviate Beta
Old UI
Aviate New
New UI

The update is welcomed by me with open arms,  as the ui changes are minimal but quite noticeable.  Originally I did not want to use the launcher as I thought that it was too busy or the UI was in the way, however the UI changes makes it look a lot better and I would recommend it.  As for widgets, they are still very limited and you have to move your wallpaper or picture (as no apps can sit on it) in order to add a widget.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher
Yahoo Aviate Launcher
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free
Source: Android Police.
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    Silicon Valley and ‘Aviato’ have ruined me on this app’s name.