Not everyone is sold on an all-you-can-eat music service, instead preferring to own their music. For those people, Google is still running sales in Google Play Music, offering albums on-sale, as well as occasionally having tracks up for sale. Normally prices for individual tracks start at around $1.00 each, but at the moment you can pick up a bargain for just $0.50 a track on a range of artists.

Google highlights Dutch DJ, Tiesto when they tweeted about the sale, but we kind of prefer to focus on Australian talent like The Mclymonts, Rikki Lee Coulter and third place getter in Australian reality TV-Show The Voice, Rachael Leahcar. There’s 90 tracks all up over on Google Play Music priced at just $0.50 each, so head on over and check to see if you can snag a bargain.

Source: Google Play.


    1. Thanks to Chromecast I’m enjoying 3 months access to All Access. Absolutely loving it! Google’s collection is actually pretty good nowadays