Project Wing
While online retailer Amazon has already made their intention to begin deliveries by autonomous drone, it appears that Google also is interested in this delivery mechanism as well. Rather than delivering products however – although it can be done – they’re looking at Project Wing, which they’ve named the project, as a way to deliver goods to remote, or disaster struck locations.

Project Wing – obviously named for the design of the drones being used, which is essentially a large wing shape – is currently being tested in QLD, with the team advising they have successfully delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a number of farmers, with the drones flying autonomously to and from the delivery points. Project Wing appears to use vertical take off, before flying along in a more traditional way, with goods being lowered to the ground by means of a retractable tether.

The project is part of Google [X], the lab behind many of Google’s ‘moonshots’, which we’ve seen come to fruition in recent projects such as Google Glass and Project Loon. With the announcement of the project and release of the video, they’re now after partners to build on the momentum they have now built. Project Wing is signing up partners via a Google Form on the Project Wing website.

Pretty cool project, can’t wait to see more. Would you like your next Nexus delivered by autonomous drone?

Source: Google.