VLC Media Player for Android
Popular media player VLC is currently pushing an update to their Android app to Google Play.

The updated version brings about some new updates (as well as fixes), including support for hardware decoding in Android-L, which we now know to be Lollipop. There’s also support for ARMv8 processors which adds 64-bit to the list of hardware features supported now by VLC.

VLC have announced that this latest release – which updates the version from 0.9.9 to 0.9.10 – is the last stop before the open-source media player goes to a full version 1.0 release. This is supported by an update in the above Changelog which lists ‘Remove beta warning’ as part of the update.

The full list of changes is outlined in their changelog :

Main Application:
Support ARMv8 processors
Fix end-of-call behaviour
Move from SlidingMenu to MenuDrawer from support library
Remove beta warning
Use statusbar in video playback after 4.2
Basic Keyboard control support

Support for Android-L for hardware decoding

That’s a lot of changes and big things to come. The update is headed to Google Play now, so look out for it on your device shortly.

VLC for Android beta
VLC for Android beta
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free
Source: VLC.