Gravity on Google Play
Google likes to occasionally give gifts, and overnight, they’ve begun offering Google Play Movies & TV users a free copy of the Academy Award winning movie Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

The offer pops up in Google Play Movies & TV when you open the app, or at least it is if you have a Nexus 5 and you’re given the option to ‘Add To Library’ or ‘No Thanks’. It’s not the first time that Google has offered free video content, they gave away the Tom Hanks Movie Big in March this year, and prior to that gave away short films La Luna and Shaun the Sheep.

Gravity is still a stand out film and still one of the only films I ever recommend you see in 3D (in IMAX if possible), if you haven’t seen it then here’s your chance.

Gravity Trailer:

Via: AndroidCentral.
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    Today I was offered Gravity for free on my Nexus 7 (2013).

    Joshua Hill

    Me too, openend the app this morning and Gravity was there 🙂 I checked after this article was first posted and only got Shaun the Sheep. I’ve never owned a Nexus phone but have both N7 models.

    Ben Booth

    Just showed up for me today on my Nexus 7 (2013).

    Matthew Lenihan

    Gravity isn’t showing up in the Play Movies & TV app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (the Vodafone i9300T 3G variant) or my Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Sujay Vilash

    HTC Desire 601. Didn’t get Gravity but Shaun the Sheep instead.


    No go yesterday, but checked again today and it was there. Nexus 5, Australian account.


    I only get Shaun the Sheep 🙁


    Awesome movie. Just got it. I already have it on Blu Ray but hey I’ll take this. I also got Shaun the Sheep and Big in the past.


    Tried clearing data on the Play Movies app. This did the trick and I now have Gravity added to my library… with one caveat. It won’t let me download for offline playback. It says there’s an error fetching the license.

    Something funny going on here.

    geoff fieldew

    I got Gravity on the Nexus 5 and Shaun the Sheep on Nexus 7.

    Darren Ferguson

    I got it, and notified a friend with an N5. He only saw it available for purchase. I suggested to clear cache and app data from Play Store and Play Movies. Hangouts msg a minute later saying he got it. So try that if you are stuck.

    Benjamin Dobell

    Clear cache (on both Google Play and Google Play Movies) didn’t do it for me. However, “Clear data” did the trick.

    Sujay Vilash

    Neither did the trick for me 🙁

    Benjamin Dobell

    Just to double check, you’re on a Nexus 5?

    I did the same thing on my Nexus 7 (2012) to get Shaun the Sheep.

    Sujay Vilash

    No. I was testing it on Nexus 7 (2012) and the HTC Desire 601. Looks like this might be for N5 users only 🙁


    yeah wondering what the list of requirements was for this. maybe they’re giving it to people who own certain devices, or might just not have rolled out yet

    David Deng

    not working on my N5….


    should just be a card in your list of My Movies, if not, it might not have rolled out to you yet/Google might not like you lol

    Benjamin Dobell

    Yeah, isn’t showing up for me either. Meh.


    Thanks for the heads up! In my Play Movies I now have for free Gravity, Blank, Big, Ice Age,La Luna, Shaun the Sheep: The Big Chase. I think I got some of these movies with my N4, N7 and N10 though. This will look good Chromecasted to my TV!


    Only got Shaun The Sheep here, but maybe it’s just because I haven’t ever opened the Play Movies app



    cameron charles

    as reported elsewhere its not just gravity being offered, some people are getting books or music instead, i got a pop music mini album ft. pink and avril lavigne (i really dont know why) so check all the google stores

    Daniel Tyson

    That Pop Mini-Album has been there for a while:

    cameron charles

    yeah its pretty old, only just on offer to me for free though no gravity sadly


    Worked fine for me on my nexus 5, added it and watching it now, no issue.


    My phone says not available in australia. Anyone able to add it?


    Yeah, no go for me either. (OnePlus One)



    I’ve got a Nexus 5.



    Daniel Tyson

    I took the screenshot above guys. It DEFINITELY works on the Nexus 5 in Australia


    Dan, it’s seeming that the movie, Gravity, is only being offered to folks using an N5.

    Daniel Tyson

    Line from the post Jeni: or at least it is if you have a Nexus 5


    HTC One m7 – not working


    Same error for me, when I look up Gravity in the Movies section of the Play Store app.

    No sign of the movie in my libraries in the Play Movies app.


    It’s only for Nexus devices I think Jeni – do you have a N5 or N7?


    Never bought any Nexus devices, kungfutigerr.


    If you search for “Gravity”, the first autocomplete entry is a German version I think. Try the second version… but regardless, if the offer doesn’t pop up by itself, I think you need to clear the data for the Movies and TV app.