Google Play Movies
Google is moving forward with their Material Design updates, adding stylings to the Google Play Movies & TV app, as well as extra funcitonality which they hope will make movie night better.

To start with the information cards featuring actor or soundtrack information they’ve talked about previously are now going to show up on your phone or tablet while you cast the movie to your Chromecast or Nexus Player. Simply look for movies with the information card badge in Google Play to check the feature out.

Play Movies - Second Screen

There’s now Material Design inspired stylings in the app, including larger images and smoother transitions.

Play Movies - Watch Now

Google is also adding trailers into a re-designed ‘Watch Now’ tab, the tab will include more movie recommendations and you’ll be able to watch a movie trailer directly in the app.

Google advises that they will be rolling the update out to devices with the app installed over the next week. Time to pop the corn and settle in for a night at the movies.

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    Darren Ferguson

    Am I the only one who isn’t into the whole second screen thing? If I am going to watch a movie, I want to watch it.

    Dain Binder

    The “second screen” is not for everyone, but there is a large segment of watchers that use there phones/tablets when watching TV shows and movies at home. Having useful information come up on your device about what’s on the TV is pretty nice. I personally don’t use it much, but do when rewatching something or when sports are on.