Google seems to really be targeting email this week, with the Gmail team busy now with two products. But while Inbox is still technically in beta, Gmail is getting some love too receiving a Material Design overhaul, as well as adding support for Exchange and external mail services like and Yahoo.

The updated APK which Android Police are distributing via their APKMirror site, is a two part update. To add Exchange support you’ll need to install an Exchange Services APK as well as the updated Gmail APK itself. Once installed, you’ll be offered the option to install Exchange accounts as well as POP/IMAP accounts when you hit the new accounts button.

As you can see there’s Material Design here which looks lovely on the Android Lollipop Dev Preview, there’s the new compose button which is similar to that on the new Inbox app, as well as the Compose button in the Google+ app. Of course it just feels nicer, but you can’t help but love that new integration of multiple sources of emails.

The APKs are available through APK Mirror to download, the main Gmail app can be found here, while the Exchange Services APK required for adding Exchange accounts can be found here. If you’re willing to wait however, the new app should start rolling out to devices soon.

Source: Android Police.
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    JL Picard

    Just updated the Gmail app from Play Store to 5.0. Had to download the newer Exchange Services apk to get Exchange ActiveSync support. All working now 🙂


    Not really ‘rolling out’. A more accurate description is ‘illegally distributed by a blogger’.

    This new gmail has not yet been pushed by the play store.


    ^ this!

    I don’t know about the ‘illegally distributed’ part but it certainly isn’t rolling out via the Play Store. Hasn’t even been updated on their yet.

    Come on Ausdroid… you seem to be dropping the ball a lot lately.