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Google and Disney have announced a new partnership which will allow you to link your movie streaming services cross-platform and in a first is actually really, cross-platform allowing you to watch your Disney Movies on iOS, Android or on the Disney Movies Anywhere site. All you need to do is link your accounts.

The new deal allows you access to the over 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies available in Disney’s KeyChest based digital streaming service. The new partnership allows you to link your Google Play account to your Disney Movies Anywhere account and movies purchased from there will now show up in your ‘My Movies’ section in Google Play Movies.

While Disney Movies Anywhere has both an iOS and Android apps, at this moment the new Android app which launched yesterday is still not available in Australia. So, it’s semi-limited in its usefulness, for now. Though you can’t access the app, you can still sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere, and get access to the launch bonus, a free digital copy of Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph. Once you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere you will receive a free copy of the movie which shows up under ‘My Movies’ in Google Play Movies.

To get your free copy, head on over to the Disney Movies Anywhere website (You may have to scroll to the right) and Sign-in or Sign-up to the service. Once you’re there, click the banner and then select ‘Link Google Play/iTunes account’, follow the prompts and a banner pops up advising you that Wreck-It Ralph has been added to your library.

Google Play Movies - Wreck-It Ralph

We’ve been trying to get access to the APK for the movie and will let you know how we go.

So, who’s Chromecasting Wreck-It Ralph tonight?

Disney Movies Anywhere
Disney Movies Anywhere
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    From the Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) website terms and conditions:

    “Only legal residents of the United States, certain territories and protectorates (the “Territory”) are eligible to register for a DMA account. The DMA Service is provided to individuals only. Companies, associations and other groups may not register for a DMA account. Individuals under the age of 13 may not register for a DMA account”

    Those in Australia who have managed to create a DMA account have either been lucky, or have some sort of VPN re-routing in place (which they may not be aware of).


    so good! and in surround sound!

    Ben Booth

    Yew, got it working. Had to sign-up through a VPN, but definitely got Wreck-it Ralph in my Google Play Movies library now, can see it and watch without needing the VPN. Chalk up another freebie.

    Joshua Hill

    Not for Australia. Saw this earlier today and it was advertised as US only

    Daniel Tyson

    It does work though, I`m not on VPN and signed up and added it. The app is US only.

    Joshua Hill

    Thanks for the clarification. Will try it through the webpage instead.

    Nicholas Hubert

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” Even my Nexus 7? How odd.

    Daniel Tyson

    As mentioned in the post, The app is US only.

    Nicholas Hubert

    I should read instead of skimming.

    Michael Yen

    “You are not eligible to register on this site.” Age restriction?

    Steve Timms

    Same, using both my DOB and my daughters.

    Daniel Tyson

    Weird, I just signed up and have no VPN here. Screenshots are ones I took from my Account

    Ben Booth

    Did you previously create your Disney account through a VPN? I couldn’t get in using my existing Disney account, even when I changed the address to be a US address. I created a whole new Disney account through a VPN to get the offer, but now I can login even without the VPN.

    Daniel Tyson

    No, I actually created it at work using my phone to tether – no VPN or ‘Special’ routing setups and attached my account to it this morning and got the movie. Wasn’t going to post as I thought it was US only but it seems to work.


    My guess…. geoblocking.

    Ben Booth

    Yep, I’m pretty sure geoblocking. I already have a Disney account and I get this message: “You are not eligible to sign in on this site.”