Inbox by Gmail

Wanna get in on the Inbox action, but don’t have an invite to spare? Never fear, Google’s here … to help. You know how it goes.

After trickling invites out every few days, it looks like the Inbox team is getting ready to open the gates, promising invites today:

“PT” is Pacific Time, and 3pm PT is 10am AEDT, so if you email [email protected] between 10 and 11am this morning (Sydney time, accounting for daylight savings), you should get your invite by midday.

Have you checked out Inbox yet? Tell us what you think of the service below.

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    Joshua Hill

    I missed the one hour time set. Sent them an email anyway and got my invite a few hours later. Thanks Google 🙂


    damn you daylight-savings! (w.a)


    Got mine


    got mine just now


    “Good news everyone! Two more batches are sending now. About 75% of invites.”

    From their twitter feed @inboxbygmail


    Guess I am not on those batches.


    Just got mine


    Got mine, was hiding in a category.

    Seems like a bit of a mess, and there’s no widget.

    Martin Leonard

    Mine just arrived so they are getting through them


    1pm – still no invite. Also got the “Thanks for requesting an invite…” automated repsonse.

    This experience has been pretty hit and miss.. Nexus 9 on it’s way hopefully.. best make up for my hard ships lol #firstworldproblems

    Usman Yousaf

    If someone can invite me as i missed happy hour??


    They said another 1h from 5PT time due to the high response

    Martin Leonard

    EDIT: 13:44 AEST invitation arrived so my bad for badmouthing Google 🙂

    Also sent one during the correct time and got a response
    “Thanks for requesting an invite. We’ll send you one as soon as possible.
    Your friends at Gmail”

    And I used the #inboxHappyHour tag in the email but still nothing (12:17)

    So broken promise – or overwhelmed with requests? Of course it could just have been a push for requests – maybe their bonus is based on the number who request an invitation?


    Looks like some people got an invite & some didn’t on the google+ thread


    URL for the thread?


    I hope you get it. Awaiting approval. I was just reading a reply on it & google had responded to the amount of folk who wanted it & have said we will get an invite by 1pm


    Sent the email, got the automated response, its 12:07pm.

    No invite – more broken promises. inb4tonyabbott


    I sent one last night. Hope I don’t miss out.


    delivery failure….


    You might have to try a few times before you get through; google says that an email sent from google to google fails permanently because google can’t deal with the rate of emails sent to google…..

    Damon Lewis

    I got the delivery failure as well 🙁


    Just try again a few times. I got it second attempt!


    thru now – keep trying, hope they send it


    Nice. I’ll be sure to do this! 🙂