Facebook has announced a new feature which enables you to send a ‘say thanks’ video card to your friends.

The feature, which is somewhat similar to Google+ Stories, allows you to send a personalised “thank you” cards to your friends. All you need to do is is choose the photos and posts that best represent your time together, then simply choose a theme that brings it all together and Facebook will automatically generate a video, with a personalised message from you, that you can share.

Facebook has stated that users can create their “say thanks” video cards by simply visiting facebook.com/thanks. Video’s from “say thanks” will be posted on your timeline with your friend tagged in the video status and the video also being shared onto their timeline as well.

Facebook have made a simple video explaining all about this new feature which you can watch below:

Introducing Say Thanks from Facebook on Vimeo.

The “say thanks” video cards are rolling out to both mobile and desktop versions of facebook, although no word if this will be through an update to the mobile app versions at this stage.

You can keep an eye out on Google Play for the update (if there is one) or simply click the link below to download the app for yourself.

Price: Free

Would you consider using this new service or do you think it is just another gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Facebook Newsroom.
Via: Engadget.