Trusted Places - Smart Lock
Google has been going out of their way to ensure that Lollipop is one of the most secure versions of Android yet released. But security is also not much good if it makes your device impossible to use, which is why Google has added in ‘Smart Lock’ to let you use various real world devices like trusted Bluetooth devices and NFC tags which bypass your normal Screen Lock security option automatically when in range. With the launch of Google Play Services 6.5 yesterday, Google has added in another option: Trusted Places.

To get to Trusted Places, go to Settings and ensure you have a Screen Lock security option other than ‘Swipe’ selected. Once you set your Pin, Password or Pattern, ‘Smart Lock’ will appear under the Security menu under Owner Info. Enter Smart Lock and enter you security option and you then get an option for Trusted Places.

Trusted Places requires the use of GPS, so you’ll need to ensure that your Location Services includes an option which uses GPS: High Accuracy or Device Only. Once your location services are sorted, you can choose between using your pre-defined locations for Home or Work as trusted places, or you can opt to set a pin on Google Maps for another location.

This new function has all been implemented without an update to the OS, instead coming in through Google Play Services 6.5. The new version should be rolling out to devices gradually, but if you want to jump the queue, then head over to APKMirror and grab the APK and side-load it – Pro-tip: Restart your device after installing it to see the new option.

Source: reddit.
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    Chris Croft

    Why could they do it by wifi connection.

    Darren Ferguson

    Someone could set up a wifi with the same name and get access.

    Chris Croft

    When contented to wifi connection, as as many other apps do now like Tasker.

    Daniel Fulham

    Thanks for the Pro-tip, had me scratching my head for a minute.