OneFlare, the Australian based online marketplace which lets Aussies connect with local businesses and tradespeople around them, has introduced a new app today. Aimed at the Businesses and Tradespeople who list their services on OneFlare, the Oneflare Video app allows them to upload a 15-second video to their online profile.

OneFlare believes that the app will add another level to the original app, allowing customers to see the person they will most likely be dealing with before they book a job with them. According to OneFlare, this will imbue a sense of trust in the relationship that begins with the customer browsing OneFlare.

Recording a video through OneFlare Video is ridiculously easy. You’ll need a OneFlare account, and after that you simply record a video live, or upload an existing one from your Gallery. While OneFlare believe this new app will do away with the need for expensive, professionally produced videos, you could certainly still upload one.

While videos recorded and uploaded with the OneFlare Video can’t be viewed through the original OneFlare app, they will be visible on their online profile on the web. OneFlare are aware of this limitation and are looking to implement a fix imminently.

You can check out the OneFlare Video app for free on Google Play, or if you want to check out a local business or tradie, head on over to the OneFlare website.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: OneFlare.