Google is in a giving mood this month, full of holiday cheer. They’ve already offered up a bunch of Christmas themed music in the form of singles and albums, but now they’ve turned their attentions to other main-stream music in their ‘Sound of 2014’ promotion.

There’s ten albums up available for free on Google Play Music, including albums from such big name acts as the Foo Fighters, One Direction, Pharrell Williams and Australia’s own The Veronicas. The albums are free and you can grab them from the promotion page on Google Play Music or select the individual albums below:

There’s no end date on the promotion so get on over to Google Play Music and grab yourself some albums.

Source: Google Play Music.
Thanks: Jeni Skunk.
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    Manya3084 U2?!


    Considering what that band did during the year, that band not being allowed on Google’s freebies list should not be unsurprising.

    Carsten Bauer

    Dammit.. and I so wanted the One Erection album too.. 🙁


    Thanks for the post Dan.
    The George Ezra, and the One Direction albums never showed up in Google Play Music, when I saw the others earlier today.