Pacific RIM
Fire up your Jaegers and prepare to fight the Kaiju, Google is handing out another freebie, this time it’s Guilermo Del Toro’s Monsters vs Massive Robot movie Pacific Rim. If you head over to Google Play now, you can add Pacific Rim to your Google Play Movies library for the total cost of nothing.

Add Pacific Rim

It’s no Christmas movie, but it’s not a bad deal and you can also check out a heap of other movies that Google has discounted as well, including the almost complete run of Batman movies (Sorry, no 60’s Batman ‘Holy Shark Repellant Batman’).

Source: Google Play.
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    Excellent !


    This item is not available in your country … Wow I am surprised … Not …


    Your location is based on your payment method. An Aussie credit card or PayPal on your Google account should work. If you travel a bit try deleting “data” in Applications Manager for the Play Store to let it reconnect to the Australian store with the Australian T&C.

    Ian Aitken

    I’m getting that error too. Using Aus credit card as payment type and Attempted deleting data fix too.


    Not an error. Each country seems to have different offer. In Canada, it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

    Ian Aitken

    Ok, you have to go through the google movies and find the promotion which links to the playstore…. that works


    Nice one!


    Never been minded to watch this movie but for free I might check it out!

    Edwin Crump

    Google have been knocking it out of the park with their freebies lately. Thanks for the heads up!