If you’re into action movies, martial arts then you’ll be familiar with the master: Bruce Lee, if you’re also a fan of comedic fighting on top of those things then you’ll be intimately familiar with Jackie Chan as well. If you love their movies you can pick up a bunch of them on-sale now in Google Play for as low as $1.99 each in HD.

From Jackie Chan you’ll find some absolute gold including Armour of God, Project A, The Young Master and more, and from the master himself Bruce Lee, you’ll find classics such as The Way of the Dragon, Game of Death and Fist of Fury – though sadly Enter the Dragon isn’t on-sale at the moment.

A handy hint to find them is just to search for ‘Bruce Lee‘ or ‘Jackie Chan‘ on Google Play Movies & TV. But check them all because the HD price ($1.99) is currently cheaper than the SD price which is displaying on the search results at $3.99.

Source: Google Play.
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    Darren Ferguson

    I take it they all have subtitles? I couldn’t see that info, at least on my phone.


    Fast & Furious 1 was free for me just then.




    Thanks. At that price I had the Steam Sale like feeling of needing to buy them all.


    No love for Jet Li

    Daniel Tyson

    No, that was the next name I checked. Shame, but still got some AWESOME movies for $1.99 each 😀


    Good for your plane ride home 😛


    There are at least 3 Jet Li movies at 1.99 now 🙂