Inbox by Gmail
With the launch of Inbox by Gmail for Google Apps accounts, there seems to be a bit more focus on the app. Google has today announced that custom snooze timings will be coming to the app, as well as advising that ‘easier access to delete as well as signature support in Inbox’ are coming soon.

The custom snooze feature will allow you to customize your morning, noon and night times – allowing you to simply tell Inbox to snooze something till the morning. If you select to snooze an item till say 7:30am, a prompt will appear asking if you want to set 7:30am as your ‘Morning’ time – if so, select it and you can in future snooze items till morning and have them appear at 7:30am.

The setting of a Morning, Noon and Night custom time will also affect your future snoozes:

When you update your morning, afternoon, or evening times, the rest of your snooze options will also adapt. ”This evening,” uses your evening time, while “Tomorrow” and “Next week” use your morning time. Of course, if you prefer, you can also manually change your snooze times using the new Snooze settings.

Google has also advised that accessing Contacts is now faster as well, with the Contacts box now nestled into the nav drawer.

As mentioned above, Google will be making deleting email easier in future updates, and they’ll bring a much more important feature to Inbox – at least important for business users: Signature support.

The update will hit Inbox users as they update the app through Google Play.

Source: Gmail Blog.