Blackberry is looking at branching out more with its BBM messaging app, making it more than just a communication tool and the company has always been trying to work more on balancing work-play life for a while now and it seems they may have somewhat cracked it with the latest update to the communication tool with BBM Connect Games.

BBM Connect Games users can interact, share achievements and even send game currency to fellow BBM Contacts. The update has also enables you to find and add more contacts easily through Custom PINs, which costs about $2.08AUD.

BlackBerry has stated that there are 3 games available for users to play which are:

  • Altermyth Daruma Fever – Slide the beads to match the colors and stack more combos for higher scores.
  • Altermyth DeceaZed – You are a Sniper with a mission to provide cover fire to the human survivors from the zombies. Buy and upgrade your weapons to kill the stronger zombies.
  • BinaryWorks Wayang Jump – Navigate your Wayang around obstacles and accumulate points to jump as high as you can, all by moving and tilting your device. Recognize this Wayang? The characters are drawn from the Indonesian BBM Sticker Pack Wayang.

The 3 games above are now available to download and begin playing right now. Whether you’ve got a couple of minutes or hours and need something to pass the time, this could be something to look forward to.

BBM - No longer available
BBM - No longer available
Developer: BBM .
Price: To be announced
Source: Inside BlackBerry.
Via: Android Central.