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Opera has launched a new browser onto Google Play, which is aimed at Android TV. The downside to the launch for Nexus Player owners is that the app isn’t supported for their hardware. The upside is, that it is available for ADT-1 (the developer Android TV hardware) and Shield Console owners.

The app promises ‘the best browser for Android TV’, which is pretty easy to do given the minimal browser options on the platform. Opera TV Browser is apparently optimised for the TV layout, promising super fast browsing and rendering of webpages on your TV. Opera has also included ‘Speed Dial’ to help you access favourite websites quickly and easily.

The full list of features for Opera TV Browser include:

  • An interface that’s light, uncluttered, bright and easy to use
  • Smart elements, like automatic page-sizing, that make browsing easier
  • A stable, compatible application — more sites work better than ever in Opera
  • The Opera TV Browser is designed specifically to work well with a standard TV Remote with D-Pad, it does not require a mouse or a keyboard attached.

For ADT-1 and Shield Console owners, you can now install the app from Google Play or through your console.

Vewd Browser
Vewd Browser
Developer: Vewd Play apps
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.
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Andrew Palozzo

This is cool. I have a nexus player though :'(
I wonder if I can side-load onto it. Would need the APK though.


Hey Daniel, I have an ADT-1 and am in Australia and the link your provided to the app in the play store states “not available in your country” So you’d still have to sideload or VPN with a US Google Account to Install….

Daniel Tyson

You’d think I’d learn to check I wasn’t using my US-based account to check these things wouldn’t you?