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Former monolithic mobile phone manufacturer Nokia still has an outstandingly strong Mapping division with their HERE maps app. The team at Nokia behind Here maps has updated their beta channel with a new shortcut menu and their asking for testers to try it out and give feedback.

The basics of the update for beta users is a new shortcut menu is now in place, allowing you to ‘see location information, share a location, get directions or start drive navigation’, all from a long press on the map. The interface is pretty simple, with straightforward seemingly easy to understand icons.

If you’d like to join the Here Maps beta group, Nokia has provided these steps:

  1. Join the HERE Beta Program Google group.
  2. Visit this link on your mobile device and click on Become a Tester. Please note, you must join the HERE Beta Program group first (from step 1) before you can become a tester.
  3. Open the Play Store app on your mobile device and install or update the HERE app with the beta version by choosing Update or Install.
  4. Use the app as you normally would and tell us what you think or report problems using the Feedback option in the HERE menu of the app or email us directly at [email protected].

Here Maps is quite a good alternative to Google Maps, especially with their excellent country wide offline maps option. Give it a go and compare the two and see which suits you.

Source: HERE Blog.
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    I saw a HERE car in Newcastle a few weeks ago.

    Daniel Tyson

    Saw one months ago, still waiting for the data to be uploaded to Here Maps.

    darren white

    funny. i saw a “here” car in tasmania today. maybe it was following the google car i saw last week