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The Humble Bundle folks are back at it again with their fourteenth mobile bundle going live on their site. This time around there’s no company tie-in, just great games for you to play.

As usual there’s two tiers, so if you choose the pay what you want tier ($1 or more) you can get One More Line – Humble Edition, Toy Defense Premium, and Amelia | Kids Story Book. If you choose to beat the average – which stands at US$4.52 at the moment – you get Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Autumn Dynasty – RTS, Double Dragon Trilogy and whatever other titles get added in a week or so. All the titles are DRM free and you can download them through the website or through the Humble Bundle Android app which you’ll have to side-load as it’s not available on Google Play.

You can pay through Amazon, BitCoin, PayPal or Credit Card and you can split your payment between the game developers, the Humble Bundle team and the two charities chosen this time around which are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Worldreader.

If these games sound like your jam, head on over to the Humble Bundle website and get your game on.

Source: Humble Bundle Mobile.