Opera Mini

Opera has begun rolling out a new update for their Mini browser app which brings with it a ‘High’ compression setting which will basically save your precious data without ruining the look and feel of the website you’re viewing.

The new ‘High’ compression setting, which is now being called ‘Extreme savings mode’ works similarly to Google’s new rendering engine which displays web pages in almost original setup but strips out unnecessary data using proxies and custom code stripping that saves you both data charges on a mobile connection, or just bandwidth when on Wi-Fi.

The setting is something users have been calling for, though it is especially handy for users in areas where decent connections are scarce such as emerging markets.

There’s a couple of other features hidden in the update, a new full screen tab gallery and bookmarks above the speed dial, and improvements to saved pages like having the title and URL saved in the full screen list. The usual bug fixes or stability and usability improvements as Opera calls them are present and new Download improvements should help as well.

You can download Opera Mini for free from the link to Google Play and having a bit of a play around with it, I have to say its not so bad and I will certainly be using it when away from my home WiFi network.

Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser
Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser
Developer: Opera
Price: Free
Source: Engadget.