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The fine folks at the Humble Bundle have updated their latest bundle of mobile games which they’ve dubbed the ‘Eye Candy’ due to the beautiful games included in the bundle, with two new games, taking the total value of the bundle to US$36 all DRM free.

The two new games: Odd Bot Out and Doggins, have been added to the higher end tier, currently worth US$3.99, which also includes Fearless Fantasy, Dark Echo, and Jelly Defense. If that’s a bit rich for you, you can still grab Haunt the House: Terrortown, Botanicula, and Deep Under the Sky for just US$1 with payments through Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin or Amazon accepted.

The bundle is supporting the developers of the games, the Humble Bundle team and charity: the EFF and Worldreader this week, but you can scale the ratio of who gets how much of your payment at the checkout.

The Humble Bundle has their own Android App for you to download and track all your purchases from the site, but it’s not available from Google Play, so you’ll have to side-load it. You can grab the APK and check the instructions for downloading on the Humble Bundle site.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.