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The Humble Mobile Bundle has been updated again, this time partnering with RPG focused developers Kemco to offer a range of games from as little as $1.

The usual tiers are in place, so you can pay as low as $1 to get Eve of the Genesis HD, Eclipse of Illusion, and Symphony of the Origin. But if you pay more than the average price, which stands at US$5.91, you get Legend of Ixtona, Fortuna Magus, and Silver Nornir – but that’s not all. The Humble Bundle and Kemco bundle is offering stretch goals to add more games, starting with Knight of the Earthends if they raise US$100,000, another game will be unlocked at $150K and $200K as well.

The bundle is available now, with payments accepted as usual through Amazon, BitCoin, PayPal and of course Credit Card. You can split your payments across the Humble Bundle Team, the Developer and a charity. The charity this week is the American Red Cross, but it also seems you can specify your own charity from ones listed in their database, run a search find your favourite and you can specify the contribution goes to them.

If you’re in the market for some great, cheap RPG games, head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website and check it out now.

Source: Humble Kemco Mobile Bundle.