Humble Mobile Kemco Bundle
The Humble Mobile Kemco Bundle got a little bit better this morning with a new game, Aeon Avenger, as the bundle nears adding their first unlockable content.

Aeon Avenger is another Kemco RPG, described as a ‘story of revenge across three eras – past, present, and future’. The game is a bonus, for those who purchased the full above average payment tier. There’s another game due to be added to the bundle, thanks to the unlockable bonus content the Humble Bundle and Kemco team are using to boost sales of the bundle.

When the bundle has raised $100,000 dollars, the Bundle will add Knight of the Earthends, an RPG described as ‘A dynamic fantasy RPG, featuring an adventure around the ends of the earth. Enjoy the stirring energy of the battles and the quest’.

If you’re a fan of Kemco RPG’s it’s time to head across to the Humble Mobile Bundle page and grab the bundle.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.