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Google’s MonoTune commercial, which launched last week, showed the importance of variety in life, art and well, smartphones. Google has followed up with an album they’ve released to Google Play Music – for free – which hammers the point home.

Announced via Twitter, the album contains ten tracks ranging in complexity from three blind mice and row row row your boat, all the way up to Clair de Lune (yep, that song from Ocean’s Eleven). Though there’s some more challenging tracks, they’re all created with the monotune grand piano which Google created for the Monotune commercial – yep, they’re all just one note: Middle C.

The album is free, and an interesting listen. Head over to Google Play and add it to your library now.

Source: @Android.
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    still sounds better then the music I create on the metal bars with my kids at the playground


    OK wiseguys, how the heck do I remove albums from Google Play? This monotone album is definitely not as interesting as I had hoped for!!!!

    Daniel Tyson

    lol. Sorry:

    Delete a song or album

    1. Go to the Google Play Music web player.
    2. Select Menu > My Library.
    3. Find the song or album you want to delete.
    4. Select Menu > Delete or Remove from My Library. Google Play Music subscribers will see Remove from My Library if music has been added to your library but not purchased or uploaded.