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Launched in 2010, the Google Chrome to Phone Chrome Extension and Android app is about to die. The utility was designed to get links or open webpages on your PC to your phone easily so you could transition from desktop to mobile quickly, a utility really taken over by the recents option in Mobile Chrome some time ago.

Both the Android App on Google Play and the Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store carry the notice that the utility is now deprecated, with Google updating the listing to advise they will be not work after March 31st 2016. The team behind the extension has given tips on which Google products have replaced the functionality as well:

Here are ways Chrome to Phone’s most popular functionality can be achieved using Google today:
[1] Sending links to your phone. Sign into the Chrome Web browser on desktop and mobile and you can sync and view tabs (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2591582?hl=en) across your devices.
[2] Send directions to your phone. Type send directions to my phone into Google on your laptop/desktop and simply enter the destination and choose your phone.
[3] Send text to your phone. Type send a note to my phone into Google on your laptop/desktop and simply enter the text and choose your phone.

As well as Google solutions, you can achieve a number of the functions through third party apps like Pushbullet and Join. Pushbullet allows a lot of functionality with their free tier, while Join requires a payment after the initial 30-day trial is up.

All good things must come to an end and to be honest most people won’t have used Chrome to Phone in quite a long time, so vale Chrome to Phone, you were a good app.

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    vijay alapati

    used this till last year and now moved to push bullet. PB works on fine on my desktop, Ipad and Nexus devices with two way communication between the devices. RIP Chrome to Phone πŸ™

    Charles Kane

    I still use it. As I don’t use Chrome either in my Android nor on my desktop I’m rather left out in the cold. Whilst pushbullet does the job it requires considerable set up and I simply tired of of the extra functionality when all I want to do is send a link.

    Iain Simmons

    After any product gets shuttered, you often see a bunch of clones pop up to fill the gap. Have another look on the Chrome Web Store for an alternative.

    If you’re not using it on Android or desktop, I have to ask, where are you using it?