Minecraft Pocket Edition

For those of you who play Minecraft, especially across platforms, you may have come across the frustration of not being able to play the same world across devices or play with friends on other platforms, even if you were running your own server. Well, it looks like Microsoft has heard our frustrations and at their E3 event announced that they would be bringing cross-platform play between Xbox, PC (including VR) and mobile to life with Minecraft Realms.

Microsoft is testing the Minecraft Realms service now, and you can sign up for your own realm for either you and two of your friends for $5.00 AUD per month or you and 10 friends for $10.72 AUD per month. If you share the cost with your mates that’s really not that much for a professionally hosted Minecraft server. If you’re deep into Minecraft please note that mods and extension will be coming online later this year.

minecraft realms

To sign up all you need is a current XBox live account and Minecraft installed. The in-app sign up experience is easy and if you choose the 10 friends option you’ll get the first month for free. One oddity to use realms you need to be connected to Wi-Fi, you can’t play via a cellular connection. This would suggest it’s a bit of a data hog. This isn’t the best solution for a “mobile” game.

If you’ve been holding off getting the Minecraft: Pocket Edition because it won’t work with your other devices now is the time to jump in. Unfortunately, I can’t see a way to import your existing world nor is it mentioned in the current documentation so if you’re a heavy Minecraft user you may be facing a big decision.

If you want to give it a go you can grab the apop below.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $1.99

Have you been waiting for cross-play to come to Minecraft? Let us know in the comments.

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Via: Venture Beat.