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Ex-Nokia mapping service HERE maps has announced a new update, which will rename the app and add in new features including Taxi fares, car-sharing service and cycling routes.

The update to the app is available in Google Play (and the app store) now, and the obvious change is in the name as well as the first screen which now asks you where you want to go. HERE says the reason behind the name change is:

HERE Maps’ was a bit too generic, we think. Too similar to a bunch of other, lesser apps. And the truth is that very few regular users open our app to look at a map – they want to get somewhere and find the fastest way to do that.

There’s new features to go with the name change, including the introduction of car-sharing service – Car2Go – a service not yet available in Australia, but HERE WeGo will be adding more services soon.

HEREWeGo also adds in taxi fare estimates, though only in selected cities – Melbourne is listed, but could be Melbourne Florida. Taxi information will expand with HereWeGo saying they will be ‘adding taxi information for more cities and more car sharing services over coming months’.

Cyclists will also be getting a little love with elevation profiles being added to the service so you can get an idea of how hard on the legs the route you choose will be.

To get the new app, install it now from Google Play – or accept that update notification.

HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation
HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation

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    I tried yesterday, one of best maps apps second to Google maps. Would be great if they can add traffic camera support earlier than Google maps.