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Woo, for two weeks in a row now we’ve received new deals instead of re-hashes. This week getting Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee both reduced to just 20c each.

App Deal of the Week
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Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

Do you take your alarm clocks seriously? If so you’d better check out Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer from AVG Labs.

The alarm clock is more than your average alarm clock with a bunch of customisations that will let you wake up the way you want. There’s more than an alarm clock included with a new sleep tracker included in tehe app to analyse your sleep behaviour.

Still not enough? Check out these other features in Alarm Clock Xtreme:

  • Music alarm – choose your favorite music
  • Crescendo – gentle alarm volume ramp up
  • Random song alarm
  • Math problem solving to snooze/disable
  • Extra-large snooze button
  • Nap alarm with countdown timer
  • Decreasing snooze duration after every snooze
  • Set a maximum number of snoozes
  • Auto-snooze
  • Auto-dismiss
  • Built-in Timer
  • And much more!

If 20c is too rich for your blood without trying it first, you can check out the free trial, or if you’re ready to jump on in for the full 20c grab it here from Google Play.

Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer
Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer
Developer: AVG Labs
Price: $4.99

Game Deal of the Week
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Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
This is a classic, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee is a game within the Oddworld universe with you taking on the role of Munch, or Abe, the original Oddworld star in this 3D platform game.

The story is simple, it’s all about getting the gabbiar eggs back to revive the Gabbiar species. There’s multiple endings possible if you play through and all of them are fun and there’s a certain charm to Munch, Abe and all the other Oddworld inhabitants. The aim of the game is pretty simple:

Using special powers, cool power-ups, and other special abilities to deliver payback to the Vykkers, Abe and Munch reclaim the last gabbit eggs on Oddworld, which have been packaged in a can of gabbiar. May Odd help you!

The game trailer looks great too:

The game is compatible with AndroidTV consoles like the Nexus Player, with HID controller support, but if you’re on your phone or tablet you get ‘Intuitive touch controls’. Oddworld Inhabitants, the developers, have included achievements and cloud save in the game to continue where you left off.

If you remember Abe or Munch and want to grab it, it’s just 20c from Google Play.

I personally use Timely as my alarm clock, so as a pick of the week it’s definitely Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and at 20c it’s a bargain.

Of the deals last week, Player Music Pro has reverted to its usual $5.95 price tag, but League of Stickman is still at 20c, so you can grab it on the cheap for a limited time.

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