As luck would have it I’ve been play/testing a fantastic Australian made app called Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise. That very same app has just been awarded the Australian Game Developer Awards ‘Game of the Year’ for 2016 as part of the Melbourne International Games Week. Based on my time playing the app, an award well deserved.

The Australian software house also cleaned up awards for ‘Excellence in Art’ and ‘Excellence in Audio’ as well. Ok, so what is Agent A? I describe it as “The Room (puzzle games) meets James Bond”. It’s a multi-stage puzzle game set against the backdrop of two secret agents battling it out to see who can either catch or kill the other first.

The music and writing are reminiscent of old school James Bond, as in the great years, films with a familiar sounding but distinctive score and an art and writing style that make this Bond fan’s nostalgia twinge a little. Here’s a decent length trailer to let you get a feel for the game.

The game has only recently released on Android and in celebration of the games success at the awards they are dropping the price of the game to only $0.99, down from a still reasonable $3.99. From a gameplay perspective, you’ll be assuming the identity of Agent 007 A, perhaps the world’s best spy going up against the ruthless killer spy Ruby La Rouge.

The first two parts of the story see you track down Ruby to her reclusive hideout, only to get trapped by the cunning vixen. You’ll have to use all of your puzzle solving skills to outwit the deadly agent and bring her to justice.

I’ve played through twice now (I still have one achievement in Google Play Game I must unlock!) and have thoroughly enjoyed both runs through. This is one of those apps that makes me wish I could gift apps, I would be sending many of my friends a copy of Agent A if I could, especially for $0.99.

Agent A supports Google Play Games for achievements and can be added to your family library so the whole family can enjoy their own game. This is just the first instalment of Agent A, with more free updates coming to add more missions and puzzles.

If you want to play a fun and enjoyable puzzle game, or you want to support an Australian Development house then grab it below.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
Developer: Yak & Co
Price: $4.99

If it’s not already obvious I whole heartily recommend you buy this game, now.