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It’s Australia Day, and while most of us are either sitting listening to the Triple J Hottest 100, at the beach or just having a BBQ with family or friends Google is having a sale on Movies, Books and TV shows on the Play store.

There’s a few good deals in there too with up to 50% off on selected TV shows which includes a single Australian show – Packed to the Rafters – as well as 50% off on movies like Jurassic World, though it looks like there’s no Aussie movies here. For book lovers there’s also up to 50% off books from a range of authors including Australian authors like Colleen McCullough, Peter Fitzsimmons and John Monash.

While not on-sale, Google has created an ‘Essential Australian Albums’ collection listing all the great ones from the likes of Barnesy, Farnesy, Men at Work and the Choirboys.

If you just want to check out Australian apps, then the Australian App collection is just what you want and features some great ones from Australian businesses and developers like Shifty Jelly, Halfbrick Studios and Chris Lacy.

If you’re in the mood to watch, read, listen to or play something Australian today, then have at it on Google Play.

Source: TVMoviesBooks.