Twitter is a place that can be wonderful when everything goes right, but it can certainly go wrong and the company has a long and notorious history with trolls. The company though is attempting to fix its image with a new set of updates.

The changes are aimed at weeding out repeat offenders, identifying problem users who have been ‘permanently suspended and stop them from creating new accounts’, though how Twitter will achieve this hasn’t been outlined. There’s also a new ‘safe search’ that will remove tweets which contain ‘potentially sensitive content’ or are from any accounts you’ve blocked or muted.

Lastly, Twitter says they’ve been working on technology which will identify and collapse ‘potentially abusive and low-quality replies’. That will look something like this:

Twitter says they’ll be rolling out more changes in the future to better combat the issues of trolls on their service. They’re listening, so if you have an issue reach out and let them know your thoughts.

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    Brad Young

    Selective removal of trolls. Only removing Trump supporters and right angled posts. All because the snowflakes can dish it out but can’t take it. Time to leave Twitter


    They mean right wing “trolls” right? They seem to allow any left wing accounts to say whatever they like and only take action against right wing conservatives…it’s their service they can do what they want but at least be upfront about the bias and stop pretending


    I’ve never seen the lefties dive as deep into trolling as the RWNJs, but then again, it’s all down to who you follow I guess. Our Australian righties are not people I generally follow or want to know anything about.

    Linda Smith

    Really? How cone Twitter didn’t get rid of the 10,000+++ that threatened to assassinate The President of the USA,Trump I call B.S..


    Because they never did anything about those slagging off Obama, so it would be inconsistent to do anything about those doing the same about Putin… I mean Trump.

    Linda Smith

    Oh yea there were thousands threatening to murder Obama and the Teaparty demos were so violent.

    Dean Rosolen

    Heard it all before and nothing ever seems to change.


    Can’t say I disagree; Twitter has been fighting a losing battle against this kind of thing for ages.