Hipsters rejoice, G Board just made your task of communicating in only emoji and random images even easier by having G Board recognise words and offer suitable emoji for you to send to your similarly incoherent and illiterate friends.

As the update for G Board rolls out you’ll start seeing these suggestions pop up in a similar way to suggested words, ready for you to tap and send to your friends. But for those of you not inclined towards emoji and GIF based conversations, there are other improvements to G Board with this latest update.

The other big change is that when you start a conversation with a foreign greeting, Google Translate kicks into gear and begins to translate your entire sentence for the intended recipient. Of course you can send the plain English you’ve typed if you wish, the choice is yours.

The update hasn’t yet dropped for my devices but I know several people who woke to the update, so it won’t be far off; check the Play Store if you’re keen to get the update on your devices ASAP.

If you’re a heavy emoji user, will you be using more now Google have made it easier?

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Blog.
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Love my Emojis stop crying

Michael Wheeler

how do i turn off this feature, i hate emojis!


More emojis? GTFO.

Daniel Tyson

At least it’s not more bloody stickers!


Ha ha. Very true!

Mike Stevens

I think SwiftKey’s had this for a while? I turned it off on mine, though.