Google+ has become for many people a niche social network for checking out new community topics, it’s not the largest community, but its users are passionate. Today, Google has introduced a new way to find content on Google+ called, Topics.

Topics are a new way to surface content from Collections, Communities and people that Google thinks you may be interested in. Google says:

Today, there are already hundreds of Topics available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, covering everything from black-and-white photography to hiking and camping. So whether you’ve recently discovered the wonders of woodworking, love gardening, or can’t get enough street photography, there’s a stream of unique and interesting stuff waiting for you on Google+.

To find Topics in Google+ you’ll see a new ‘Topics to Explore’ card which will start appearing in your feed over the next day or so.

If you’re still using Google+ this looks like a great way to surface new content and connect with new communities and people you may not have previously known before.

Source: Google.